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  Welcome to Rosie Mack's online gallery. Where you are able to find out more about Rosie, her art and where her paintings are exhibited.

Rosie is painting the English countryside around her home in the Cotswolds, inspired by the colours, scenery and light contracts on display every day. Not many people take the time to stop and admire the beauty of the English countryside. This may be due to our ever increasing busy schedules of work and personal commitments.

Using her palette knife, Rosie hopes to bring a touch of nature to the insides of our homes, to allow us to appreciate the outside world around us during our busy days.

Rosie has been working on two new series', entitled "Twilight" and "Fields". Paintings from these series will be on show at Rosie's forthcoming exhibitions, and there is an example piece from each series on the paintings page.

We hope you enjoy browsing the Rosie Mack gallery online, and if you would like further information, please do not hesitate to c
ontact us.

Rosie Mack:
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