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Rosie Mack is a graduate of Canterbury College of Art, where she studied fine art and gained a BA Hons and subsequently an MA. She received a traditional grounding in techniques when she studied for a year with Robert Greenham RA, a colourful character and professional artist known for his portraits, landscapes and his writing on painting technique and artists.

Rosie lived in Surrey until 1979, and since then has lived in the Cotswolds. She walks for many miles observing and recording the landscape and weather in its many moods and colours, then works on her paintings in her studio overlooking the Avening Valley. Her paintings are an invitation to the viewer to immerse his senses in the moods and atmosphere of the countryside; the milky stillness of an autumn evening; the bright spring light darting through the fresh greens of moving foliage; stretches of furrows and skeleton trees of a winters day; the mellow yellows and long creeping shadows of late summer.

Rosie is an expressive painter working mainly in tempera and oils, using the qualities of her mediums to great effect. She paints both on a small, intimate scale on gesso panel and on large canvases full of movement and light. She invites the viewer to share her delight in the qualities of light and the contrasts of deep shadow. To achieve the quality of light in her work she builds up successive glazes of tempera, then contrasts this luminosity with the rich solidity of oil, applied in an unusual and very hands-on method without using a brush to obtain the effect of movement, the dance of light across the landscape and through the leaves and shadows.

Rosie is known mainly as a landscape artist, but her works contain many references to the interaction of humans and the vulnerability of people within nature; a building, a bridge, a boat…She also paints interiors in which the landscape is glimpsed tantalizingly through an open window or door, inviting the viewer to step outside the space, but also in which the landscape has also in some way invaded the interior space, forming patterns on the walls, transferring colours, the indoors and the outdoors merging…

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