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Below are the details of current and past series painted by Rosie, as well as some one off peices. Not all of the paintings are available to view on this website. If you would like to see more of a series, or a specific painting, please contact Rosie and she will be more than happy to arrange a viewing for you or to send you a larger image.

Alternatively, if you like Rosie's paintings, please be aware that Rosie undertakes commissions of houses, grounds and favourite places and people! For further information on commissioning a painting, please contact Rosie.

march hare
march hare painted

side painted march hare   Decorated for the Cirencester Hare Festival
A Midsummer Night's Dream
2' high

grazing line rosie mack
Soaring Rosie Mack

Grazing Line

Looking Across to Selsey

Doverow Rosie Mack


balls break

Balls Brake
oil on panel, 12 x 4", £ 130

speckly hen

Speckledy Hen
mixed media, £ 125


6 The Cobbe
oil on pine panel, 6" x 11", £ 210

windy ridge
3 Chalk Drive
oil on pine panels: triptych, 14" x 16"
£ 340

autumn furrows
ploughed field
Autumn Furrows
oil on oak panel, 9 x 13", £ 210
Ploughed Field
oil on elm, 7 x 18", £ 180

ploughed field
at home

Autumn Furrows Series
  At Home, Daisies
oil on elm panel, 6" x 6", £ 140

turn right series
Turn Right

Turn Right
oil on panel, 6" x 6", £ 150

thames oil paintings
Cirencester Park
The rides in Cirencester Park run through broad leaved woodland, intersecting and creating long light vistas.
Plane Tree    

monet-esque paintings
The Thames
The infant Thames rises near Cirencester and runs through water meadows full of flowers, the may blossom hangs heavily off the bushes. The river reflects the sky and the distinctive steeple of lechlade church.
Lechlade Church    


ElmArt are pure re-cycled art! I use old elm floorboards, extract the old nails and clean up the boards, then paint birch trees, wiping paint along the grain to re-create the essence of the wood. Each painting is endorsed on the back with the provenance of the floorboard.

Renewed Birch    

cotswold landscape paintings
The interplay of light and shadow across a wide landscape, punctuated by the shapes of the winter trees.
Gathering Storm    

oil paintings on panel
Soft evening light and blurred shapes emerging from the haze of the evening sunlight.
Evening Reflections    

7 Mile Ride Paintings
The intimacy of distance a walk up the 7 mile ride up the bathhurst estate near cirencester, to the field sized area where 5 rides converge, late summer sunlight stretching long fingers across the yellowing grass.
7 Mile Ride    

devils jump paintings
Heath Margins
i was brought up in Surrey, surrounded by the colours of bracken heath and gorse, strong autumnal tint woodsmoke and expansive sky.
The Devils Jumps    

hetty peglers tump paintings
There’s a feeling of otherworldliness when you approach a long barrow, silent often solitary marked by a clump of large old trees. A sense of a forgotten culture, sleeping under the soil, drawn up through the trees to the light.
Hetty Peglers Tump    

pink poplar art
A Different Light
i see these trees every day and enjoy watching the interplay of light filtering through the fragile leaves, constant movement around the pencil straight trunks.
Pink Poplars    

english field paintings
The Intimacy of DIstance
The Cotswolds is a dichotomy of small, intimate spaces, interspersed with wide open areas of fields. These are fields near Tarlton, where the poppies amongst the barley contrast with the bold dark screen of the distant woods and the featherlike striations in the clouds.
Poppy Field    

Screens is a series of screen prints and paintings which came about by looking at the colours in the spaces between the trees towards the light. I have used acrylics to emphasise the flatness of the imagery.

paintings of tree trunks

Birch trunks ghostlike in their translucency; this is a series of small paintings on reclaimed pine floorboards retrieved from a skip. Emphasising the shape of each plank and the grain of the wood. Including nail holes and wear marks.

Close Up    

reflections of sky artwork
Water Margins
Water sky and land mirror each other, here I could almost draw a line across the canvas and the bridge by the ford is perfectly reflected a mirror image, punctuated by the solitary ash tree.
Fording Bridge, Kent.    

A landscape suffused with a hazy blue, chalky moonlight reflected in the still night water.
Water Margin    

birch tree paintings
Birch Trees
Light through woods, the contrast of strong dark images and translucent light. The depth between the viewer and the distance. Up to nine layers of egg tempera on gesso panel creates the remarkable opacity of the light behind the flat abstract of the trunks and is picked up by the white birch trunks.

2 Birches    

The open expanse of marshes by the sea, the bleakness of the view: chalk whites; flat blues; unbroken horizon.

Salt Marsh, Norfolk.    

commissioned paintings
I undertake commissions, whether it's your home, a specific view from your home, garden, favourite walk or place. I have painted St. Marks Square in Venice, Cannes on the Cote d'Azure, Cotswold manors, wolfhounds, rare breeds of cattle and a potting shed full of two dozen red clay rhubarb pots...
Cote D'Azure    
  bath society artist

1 Cottage under the Tor
oil on panel, 12" x 12", £ 280


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